Indian Conference-Abstracting Database (ICon-AD) is one of the non-profit initiatives of Library and Information Centre of Nagindas Khandwala College, Mumbai (affiliated to University of Mumbai). It is a database comprised of abstracts submitted to various conferences (international/ national/ state level) organized by Indian colleges, universities, corporate firms, government agencies etc. This database aims to archive all the abstracts received by Indian organisers of conferences. It acts as a connecting platform for organisers of conferences, authors, and readers.

The database is designed on DSpace (MIT's open source software) platform. The DSpase interface facilitates easy retrieval of abstracts through author, title, subject and keyword searches. The downloadable abstracts include the theme and date of the conference, name of the organiser, name and contact details of the author followed by abstract and three keywords. This helps the reader to connect to the author if a particular abstract proves useful and feel the need of accessing the full-text.

The organiser of the conference/s can be the Participating Institute of ICon-AD Project by contributing the abstracts (via mail or CD-ROM along with duly filled-in 'Permission to Archive Abstracts' Form) to include in this database.

  • One-stop hub for conference abstracts
  • Read, cite and download hundreds of abstracts
  • Abstracts of any subject and any language
  • Non-stop accessibility
  • Connecting platform for authors and readers
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